Customizing "New Thread" Notifications - Help

Although TT will create notifications for you, there are several reasons you may desire to control these notifications (e.g. language, verbiage, format). Notifications created by TT include navigation links and passkeys depending on the type of Thread. When creating a custom notification, you can prevent TT from adding that information and still make them appear in your notification in the manner you prefer. This is done with the following placeholders:

#ThreadAccessLink# - Provides a link to view the Thread. This will be a link to the TT login page for a Protected Thread or a unique link directly to an Unprotected Thread. Protected Threads require every recipient to have a TT account to view the Thread content. Unprotected Threads do not require recipients have an account to view the Thread content and every recipient gets a unique link to the Thread.

#Passkey# - This placeholder will be replaced with the passkey required to access the Thread or spaces if no passkey is required. If you prefer to have passkeys always sent in a separate email (or not at all), don't include this placeholder in your template and be sure to select the "Send In Separate Email" (or "Don't Send Passkey") option when creating passkey protected Threads.

#NewAccountLink# - Provides a link the recipient can click to quickly create their own TT account.

The first link should always appear somewhere in your notification. The second should be included if you plan to use any passkey-protected Threads and want the passkey included with your notification email. The third is optional. Below is an example of how the above placeholders might be used:

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