- Shutdown Announcement

Dear ThreadThat User - I have some unfortunate news. On January 1st the TT database server crashed. Since then, the Arvixe technical support team has been trying unsuccessfully to bring the server back online. During this time I was informed that Arvixe does not do server backups. That was disappointing news for me. If they cannot resolve this problem, then I have no alternative but to shut the site down. I've always intended to give 60 days notice of a shutdown, but in this case, that would not be possible. Regardless of whether Arvixe resolves the database server issue, I plan to shut the site down - for real this time. You are one of only about 10 remaining users of the site. It doesn't make sense to keep it going for such a small user community. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you and hope you understand how difficult this is for me to shut down TT after 10 years. If the Arvixe technical support team manages to get the database server operational, I will wait 60 days to shut the site down. You will know that the issue is resolved if you can get to the login page.