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January 29, 2017 - Making an Offline Copy of All Thread Messages

Are you concerned that one day TT will disappear and you will lose all your Threads? Here's what you can do. It is important to note that Threads YOU start are kept until YOU delete them. Threads OTHERS invite you to are kept until THEY delete them. At any time, you can easily make a copy of the message portion of all Threads that appear in your Thread List regardless of who started them. First, click the "Show Old Threads" button which is just below the Logout link. If that button reads "Hide Old Threads", then you are already showing all Threads. Second, click the "Print All" button. Every post on every Thread will be written to a new browser window. Finally, you can either save that as a file or print it. Of course, once it is on your computing device, it is no longer protected by TT. There is currently no quick and easy way to create a backup of all attachments. That can only be done by opening each Thread and clicking the Download All Attachments link.