Medical Research Secure Communication Tool

Why Use ThreadThat?
  • You realize how unsecure unencrypted email is, but you don't want to deal with the complexities of client-side encryption.
  • You want more control over the disposition of messages than email can provide.
  • You want to communicate electronically, but are concerned about messages being intercepted or shared improperly.
  • You avoid using unencrypted email because you know it can be viewed by other than the intended recipient.
  • You are looking for a secure electronic communication tool that can help you be more productive.
  • You want something that is free and simple to use for you and your research partners.
Getting Started
  • Create an account on using the email address or mobile number you want to share with your research partners.
  • Have each person you want to share secret information with create a ThreadThat account. Alternatively, you can use Untrusted Threads to avoid this step. You can read more about Security Levels by clicking here.
  • Use "Protected" Threads with passkeys to maximize privacy and protect your communications from accidental discovery.
  • Enjoy free, secure and private online information exchange while protecting the identity of your research subjects.
  • Help us spread the word to other researchers. is accessible anywhere in the world 24 x 7. It is important to understand the difference between "Protected" and "Unprotected" messages. While "Unprotected" messages provide more protection than unencrypted email, they are not 100% safe. They are more convenient because you don't need to use any passkeys. However, for iron clad, 100% secure communications, I recommend that you use "Protected" messages. You can use a single passkey for all ThreadThat "Protected" messages or you can create different passkeys for different recipients. Regardless of which way you do it, "Protected" messages are the most secure way to communicate. We make it easy to manage passkeys with our unique KeyBox technology. You can read more about Privacy Levels by clicking here.

Beware of applications that claim to be secure just because they use SSL (https connections). SSL only protects your messages while in transit from your PC to the server. For example, gmail uses SSL for all email access. What you must realize is that your messages are not encrypted while they are stored on Google's email servers. Anyone working at Google with server access can invade your privacy. If you use, all messages and files are encrypted while "at rest" on our servers. If you use "Protected" messages, even the encryption keys are encrypted by the passkeys known only by you and those with whom you communicate.

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