Whistleblower Identity Protection

Why Use ThreadThat?
  • You want to share sensitive information without giving up your identity.
  • You don't want to communicate using any means that can be tracked back to you.
  • You want to conduct online, bi-directional, passkey-protected, encrypted, anonymous exchanges.
  • You want total control over the disposition of information you share.
  • All sensitive information you communicate must be encrypted while in-transit using an SSL connection that favors Perfect Forward Secrecy cipher suites.
  • You want to be certain that the messages and files you share cannot be decrypted without passkeys known only to you and those with whom you share information.
  • You need something that is simple for all parties involved.
  • You don't want to download or install anything.
Getting Started
  • Sign up to ThreadThat.com without providing any personal information and use an anonymous username.
  • Check the "Anonymize All Inbound and Outbound Email Notifications" option in preferences. This guarantees that nothing (email address, username or mobile number) will ever be used in an email notification that can link you to whoever you are communicating with regardless of their TT settings.
  • When creating new Threads, use the "Protect this Thread with a Passkey" option. This requires that you create or generate a passkey to be used in the encryption process. Unless you have other untraceable means to contact the recipient, choose the "Include With Notification" option for getting the passkey to the recipient. Using the "Make this Thread accessible to users without an account" option allows the recipient to view and respond to your Thread without creating a TT account. You can read more about these options by clicking here.
  • When creating new Threads, you may also want to check the box titled "Customize Notification Email". Notification emails will be sent from noreply@threadthat.com. You may want to customize the body of the message to convince the recipient that the notification is not SPAM.
  • Server logging is disabled on the TT server and TT does not store IP addresses, so there is no opportunity for the communication to be tracked back to you.
  • TT servers are configured to favor forward secrecy cipher suites to prevent future deciphering of any recorded SSL traffic.

ThreadThat.com is accessible anywhere in the world 24 x 7. It is important to understand the difference between "Protected" and "Unprotected" messages. While "Unprotected" messages provide more protection than unencrypted email, they are not 100% safe. They are more convenient because you don't need to use any passkeys. However, for iron clad, 100% secure communications, I recommend that you use "Protected" messages. You can use a single passkey for all ThreadThat "Protected" messages or you can create different passkeys for different recipients. Regardless of which way you do it, "Protected" messages are the most secure way to communicate. We make it easy to manage passkeys with our unique KeyBox technology. You can read more about Privacy Levels by clicking here.

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